Anything new from either of the Paul’s is a good day for the srhhg… A tad fruity but still top notch. Advertisements

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Keeping it 2 real… (T.H.H.S.)

Do you have that one guy (or girl) in your circle that is seemingly always an unnecessary dick? At a funeral they are talking about the time they battled so and so in whatever “element” they are proficient in. During regular conversation they always manage to wedge in some sort of hip hop reference that […]

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what my scene is like…

Greetings from the Semi retired hip hop guy a/k/a the tangent master. I came across this new release from the legendary Steve Spacek, Beat spacek, Black pocket, SPA etc etc etc, and apart from it blowing my mind it brought back a few memories and reasons why  I really feel the “scene” where I’m from […]

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