Keeping it 2 real… (T.H.H.S.)

Do you have that one guy (or girl) in your circle that is seemingly always an unnecessary dick? At a funeral they are talking about the time they battled so and so in whatever “element” they are proficient in. During regular conversation they always manage to wedge in some sort of hip hop reference that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything? It seems in my semi retired experience that there is something about “hip hop” that makes some people keep it so real that they turn into jerkoffs or just generally shitty people to be around (that hip hop shit).. They keep it so real that they feel the need to show their trivial realness at all possible times. It’s something i’v been thinking a lot about lately, and even something I have done myself in the past.

When you think about hip hop beefs and you break them down to their simplest forms what are they? Some adult dude did a drawing on a wall and another adult dude did a drawing over it… some fully grown rapping chick said something not so nice about another lady mc… Don’t get me wrong, if someone tests your manhood or womanhood you definitely should stand up for yours but some of this hip hop shit is so childlike to me in the grand scheme of things.

I saw a video titled “Kay Slay goes IN on Jay Electronica” and man, it was ridiculous. Kay Slay sounded like he was going to cry because Jay Electronica (another grown man) said something Dezzy Dez didnt like about the area that he resides in. Kay Slay gets much of my respect (actually Dez does) and so does Jay Electronica, who I believe could single handedly “save hip hop”, but this vid was so ludicrous to  me and this is just one small example of what i’m trying to express here. Another note able one would be KRS’s response to the Bambaataa controversy. Another prime example of keeping so real that you become a dick aka that hip hop shit.

Anywho I have been finding it harder and harder to listen to any rap shit these last few years. -Please don’t confuse this semi retired hiphop guy for one of those “all new rappers are wak/90’s hiphop only” schmo’s because that’s not the case. I couldn’t think of anything worse than some nerded out back pack dude who is against anything more then 150 people listen to, or some old school pioneering rapper going back and forth on facebook about the new generation and how bad they are, (I think a reason why we are where we’re at is because of the “keep it too real” attitudes some of these pioneers had and not wanting to progress the sound further). For me it may be an age gap thing now. I think I find it hard subconsciously to listen to some dude 5-10 years younger than me talking about some shit I went through ten years ago and handled much less emotionally then they seem to be. J cole i can’t do, Kendrick I find it hard to make it through a whole album (even with the Taz Arnold and Knx production credits), I know these guys are no slouches but I just can’t do it.

I have however been listening to Chapel drive for the last few weeks. I heard some earlier Mutant Academy stuff which caught my ears in the past and kept an eye out for anything new. These guys sort of remind me of a cross between Wu Tang, Camp Lo and maybe Roc Marciano?? I don’t know…


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