what my scene is like…

Greetings from the Semi retired hip hop guy a/k/a the tangent master. I came across this new release from the legendary Steve Spacek, Beat spacek, Black pocket, SPA etc etc etc, and apart from it blowing my mind it brought back a few memories and reasons why  I really feel the “scene” where I’m from suxxx.

Firstly I mean no disrespect to any of the artists that I am about to mention and I am a fan of all of them…. here goes,

I remember seeing Amp fiddler at a small solo show a few years back and I can say it was by far one of my favorite gigs I had ever been to. I heard he was coming to town again, this time touring with Mayer Hawthorne (this was just as his solo career was blowing up). I was pumped to see both of them. Mayer Hawthorne was on first and he put on a good show, the crowd was full of young trendy types as it usually is and this was around the time when everyone was on their Dilla shit harrddd, or so they would like to think. After his set was done and he introduced Amp Fiddler a lot of the crowd started to disappear. I saw some people I knew and asked them why they were leaving, their general response was they only wanted to see Hawthorne   (not that they didn’t want to see Amp, they just didn’t know who he was). It got me thinking a lot of these people were on their Dilla shit (harrddd) but they didn’t know who Amp fiddler was? something was suspect…

Needless to say he destroyed his show, playing multiple keyboards at once while singing (really singing)  and just generally getting mega loose. The back up singers were incredible also and he even brought out the keytar!!.

Now, I say that to say this… A few years on and I hear Steve Spacek is in my neck of the woods doing a gig alongside a new up and coming soul singer/producer. I get there to catch the tail end of the young gun’s set. Cool, nothing groundbreaking or anything I hadn’t heard before. SPA is on next, and it feels like the Mayer Hawthrone/Amp Fiddler situation all over again. The trendy’s start to clear out as the set starts to get more and more next level. Steve is doing a dj/pa set playing some unreleased exclusive badman business spanning many genres, many styles and many many riddims. Now in my semi retired opinion, the set he played was one of the most forward thinking complex funky things I have ever heard.

It made me think, why does everything suck where I’m from?, why are we so behind musically than most other places??, why do people only want to hear watered down versions of the same things??? THEN I started thinking, what if I’m so far behind musically and the “scene” here knows what is up etc. At this point Spacek dropped something he said he made on his Iphone and all those thoughts left my mind and the next-level-ness took over.

If you ever get the chance to catch him live (and Amp Fiddler) I advise you do so.

Anyways here is a new one by the man, it’s a cover of New Order’s Blue Monday.


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